What women are saying about CompassCare.

Disclaimer: Patient testimonials are shared with their expressed permission.

Save women and babies with a gift today!

Give a child the greatest gift of all—the gift of a birthday.

$47.50 per month ($570 per year) helps one woman seriously considering abortion have her baby—from marketing through 12 months of follow-up!

“Every time I look at my son I smile.”

When Mary found out she was pregnant, she was barraged by fears and tensions. It was on her decision-making journey that she caught a glimmer of hope: a CompassCare TV ad. Watch Mary’s Story.

“How do I stop this?” Jabra’s story

When Jabra took the abortion pill, she panicked. Jabra tells her story of how CompassCare helped save her baby. Watch Jabra’s Story.

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