Firebombed Pro-Life Medical Office Claims Bias; Town Attorney Comments Confirm (RAN)

The June 7 arson attack on CompassCare’s Pro-Life medical office outside of Buffalo by pro-abortion extremist group Jane’s Revenge, injured two firemen. Yet, four months after the firebombing and over 70 attacks nationwide, the FBI refuses to arrest anyone.

Meanwhile, representing the Amherst Police near Buffalo, Attorney Stanley Sliwa told Buffalo news, “We don’t want to disseminate the tape [of the firebombing] to anyone because we don’t want it to get out…who we’re looking at.”

Sliwa’s statements imply that the footage identifies the suspect. He told another reporter they refused to let CompassCare have their crime video back because they feared it would incite violence from the right. CompassCare CEO, Rev. Jim Harden, responded, “Sliwa’s comments only confirm what we suspected: bias. The only violence occurring is emanating from the political left. We are being denied equal justice because we are pro-life.”

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