Proliferation of Mass Shootings Related to Abortion?

The latest mass shooting in Suburban Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend brings the national toll of mass shootings so far this year to 309. Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of pro-life medical office firebombed by domestic terrorists insists that the root cause of the proliferation of this violence is the same reason abortion is promoted: the devaluation of human life.

Rev. Harden insists, “The Bible says that a person should not shed another person’s blood, should not kill another human, because all people are made in the image of God. Each person is inherently valuable only because they are made in the image of God. And yet America is proliferating through education, medicine, and media, the toxic belief that mankind is the result of chance which, taken to its logical conclusion, destroys any possibility of a shared moral framework and civil order.

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