An Example of the Resilience of The RN Team, Serving a Buffalo Patient the Day of the Firebombing

A single mother in her mid-20s, Ruby felt overwhelmed to learn that she was pregnant again. She just couldn’t imagine bringing a child into the chaos of this world. Earlier this week she called Planned Parenthood and started the dangerous chemical abortion process, taking the first pill. After a fitful night’s sleep, Ruby realized she made a mistake. Frantically searching for information on reversing a chemical abortion, she found CompassCare and called to make an appointment. According to the FDA, the chemical abortion is 400% more dangerous than surgical. It was imperative that this Buffalo woman receive services ASAP.

While Ruby restlessly slept, CompassCare’s Buffalo office burned. So, when she called for an appointment, she had to be re-routed to Rochester for her baby’s life-saving care. Desperate now to save the life of her preborn baby, Ruby did not hesitate to drive the 60 miles to the Rochester office.

When she arrived, her nurse ushered her into an exam room, performing an ultrasound revealing that her baby was still alive with a strong heartbeat. Ruby was relieved to receive the pregnancy-sustaining progesterone therapy. And upon hearing the good news of the Gospel and Jesus’ love for her, she gratefully surrendered her life to Christ.

Disclaimer: Names and details have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

4 comments on “An Example of the Resilience of The RN Team, Serving a Buffalo Patient the Day of the Firebombing”

  1. Joanne Reply

    Thank you compass care for all you do everyday to support all of women’s needs. Heartbreaking to hear how our society is becoming so violent to organizations and people that are just loving and helping others. God protect and bless all who are on the frontlines of their hatred.

    Joanne waldraff

  2. Kelly Reply

    Thank you for all you do for women & babies. Thank you for being there for this mother even in the midst of the tragedy the building faced that day.

  3. Barb Tomlinson Reply

    Praise the Lord! His Kingdom and life-saving work can’t be stopped!!

  4. Terry D Reply

    God bless all who serve and support those whose babies are still behind a layer of skin. It seems so foolish for anyone to believe these children of God are not yet children simply because they are on the “wrong- side” – the in-side of a mother’s skin.
    May God continue to bless you, and the mothers and babies you fight daily to protect in His precious name.

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