Black Congressman Gary Franks Regrets His Pro-choice Votes

Gary Franks is New England’s first Black member of the House of Representatives and served three terms. He was also pro-abortion. And then on January 26 in an article written by Franks, he states, “I supported the so-called pro-choice position while in Congress. These are votes I regret today and pray for God’s forgiveness on so many levels.”

Why the change of heart? He notes the huge racial disparity of 14% of the population bearing the burden for nearly 40% of all abortions. The total number of black babies aborted since legalization is so large that it represents a 50% reduction in the black population. This revelation causes Franks to wonder if abortion isn’t a silent genocide of Black Americans. Concluding he states, “I implore the U.S. Supreme Court to do everything in its power to stop the madness.”

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