Christian Pro-life Group in Syracuse Wins Lawsuit Against NY

New Hope Family Services in Syracuse filed suit against New York, claiming the state discriminated against them for their Christian beliefs. New Hope Family Services is a Christian organization receiving no government funding. New Hope helps women, many of whom had considered abortion, to instead place their children for adoption within homes defined by the biblical standard of monogamous male/female marriage. The state required New Hope to either violate their deeply held religious convictions by placing children with same-sex couples or shutter their services. Rather than cave to the secular beliefs of New York, they courageously filed a lawsuit claiming the state violated their First Amendment rights. The case was dismissed. But New Hope appealed to the Federal 2nd Circuit Court. On July 21, a victory was secured for New Hope and believers everywhere.

2 comments on “Christian Pro-life Group in Syracuse Wins Lawsuit Against NY”

  1. Joe B. Reply

    Thank you for all your work and diligence we must stop abortion and furthermore give reassurance to those who give their children up for adoption knowing the adoption institution and agencies are not and is not corrupt or has an agenda. We need true Christian adoption agencies not government motivated funded. There are a lot of families they are discouraged because of the adoption process is not what it should be. Thank you

    • Daniel Tomlinson Reply

      Thank you Joe! It’s a joy to be working together to serve women and save lives. Grateful for your passion and word of encouragement. God bless.

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