Western NY Pro-lifers Raise Nearly Half a Million


On May 2 hundreds of churches and thousands of people raised nearly a half million dollars to reduce abortion in Western New York through CompassCare’s Virtual Walk for Life. CompassCare is at the center of Rochester’s dramatic 50% abortion reduction. Last year the organization augmented its reach to include Buffalo. CompassCare’s President, Jim Harden, states: “Women considering abortion feel stuck, like they ‘need’ an abortion.”

The mission of CompassCare is to erase the ‘need’ by empowering women with ethical medical care and comprehensive support. “And when that happens,” Harden says, “a true choice emerges and most women choose to have their babies.”

Harden continues, “Surpassing the fundraising goal by $70,000 at the Virtual Walk for Life is made even more astounding by the nation’s health crisis. New York pro-lifers are alive and well.”

This real abortion news update is sponsored by CompassCare. For a full transcript go to realabortionnews.com.

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