Planned Parenthood Puts Politics Over Women’s Health

Recently the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, vowed $45 million in 2020 election campaign financing. Their goal is to defeat Donald Trump fearing the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion is in danger of being overturned. Since Planned Parenthood’s longtime CEO and political activist Cecile Richards resigned amidst allegations of criminal activity the organization seems to be having a crisis of identity. Is it a political organization or a health care one? Richard’s replacement as CEO was Physician Leana Wen. She claimed the board quickly fired her because she refused to emphasize politics over women’s health. Now millions of dollars are being poured into campaign financing to influence the outcome of political races. 

It seems like Planned Parenthood resolved their identity crisis. How many women could Planned Parenthood serve with $45 million anyway?

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  1. Nicole Welka Reply

    stop spreading bullshit & I love how you guys have a man on the radio trying to spread your bullshit agenda. How is it a mans business??? Christians judging like they’re almighty how pathetic. I’ve never gotten an abortion but I came on here to say it’s none of your business (or mine) if someone gets one. Why don’t you spread a peaceful Christian message instead of a hateful one. Sickening

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