Planned Parenthood Cans CEO Doc for Not Being Political Enough

(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

In 2018, Planned Parenthood’s long-time CEO Cecil Richards resigned in the midst of scandal, and was replaced by Physician CEO Leana Wen. In a three hour secret meeting on July 16, Planned Parenthood’s board summarily dismissed Dr. Wen for her lack of emphasis on abortion politics. Apparently Wen thought she was hired to run a healthcare organization, not a political one.

In a statement released by Wen she wrote: “I am leaving because the new Board Chairs and I have philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood.” It is noteworthy that the primary experience of Board Member and interim CEO Alexis McGill Johnson is political activism.

Are Planned Parenthood’s real goals improving healthcare for women or securing a political agenda?

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