More Babies Saved Than Ever!

2018 was a year to celebrate! So far, 221 women considering abortion decided to have their baby boys and girls and 50 submitted their lives to Christ!

Beyond that, abortion rates in Monroe County plummeted 17% according to the most recent NYS vital statistics. It is the largest year-over-year drop in Monroe County’s long abortion history, hitting an all-time low of 1,588 total abortions. The abortion high-water mark for Monroe County was in 2008, and it is the only county to sustain a constant yearly decline, resulting in a staggering 58% reduction!

This is the church at work! Thank you for all you do to make the dream of erasing the need for abortion a reality one woman, one baby at a time. It is all the more encouraging knowing that it is happening in New York of all places, the abortion capital of the U.S.

No business can sustain a 58% reduction in clientele, including abortionists. Who will come to their rescue? The New York State legislature. They are proposing a bailout by deregulating the abortion industry and regulating the abortion industry’s only competition: non-profit, Christian-supported pregnancy centers.

If you are a Christian and your Christian beliefs are expressed in supporting the pro-life work of CompassCare, then you are under attack by the New York State legislature and Governor. The bills they are considering lay the foundation to severely limit the expression of your pro-life Christian beliefs in the public square. This is being done in two ways. First, through the Reproductive Health Act they seek to raise abortion to the level of a human right. Second, through the Anti Pro-life Act they spread libelous propaganda about your pro-life pregnancy center in order to regulate that work out of existence.

Some laws are unjust. For a Christian to obey unjust laws or to encourage others to obey them is to disobey God (Acts 4:18-20; Acts 17:6-7). To participate in the abortion referral or service process, as these laws would likely require, is to bear false witness to the truth of what it means to be human under God. We will not be made to bear false witness against our preborn neighbors (Exodus 20:16). You and I will always reject this kind of dehumanization. If the 20th Century taught us anything, it is that if a government is willing to strip personhood status from one category of human, they will not hesitate to do the same to any other category.

Let us remind one another of these truths so that we do not grow weary in well doing: 1) Christians believe that each human life is made in the image of God. 2) As such, each human is inherently valuable, deserving of equal protection. 3) Because human life begins at fertilization, preborn babies are fully human. 4) To disqualify any group of people from protection under the law is arbitrary and evil, setting the stage for crimes against the weak by the powerful. 5) Abortion is one such crime – the greatest injustice the world has ever seen.

So, we will not stop. We will remain in the light, bearing witness to the truth. In fact, we will grow! It is in this hostile environment that God has given CompassCare the opportunity to multiply your impact in Western New York. Buffalo is the second largest abortion hub in NY. In October, the board of Buffalo Pregnancy Care Center gave control of their operation to CompassCare in hopes of replicating Rochester’s 50% abortion reduction results. CompassCare is actively pursuing this prospect by working with other key players in the Buffalo area while continuing the life-saving work in Rochester. Even if we are silenced by these unjust laws and we fail at saving more lives in Buffalo and Rochester, it is a thing worth failing at. The real failure happens when we refuse to apply our faith at the point of greatest need, the place of society’s critical injustice. Real success is faithfulness to Jesus. But God has given us a great opportunity – an opportunity to live our faith out loud, helping women to have their babies against the wishes of New York.

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