Does the Reproductive Health Act Reflect the Will of the People?


New York plans to pass the Abortion Expansion Bill in January. Governor Cuomo vowed to see it signed into law within the first 30 days of the 2019 session. Variations of this bill have been rejected for years by members of both parties. Why? Because it drastically lowers the medical standard of care for women.

The bill makes abortion a human right equal to freedom of speech, permits non-doctors to perform surgical procedures, protects abortionists from liability over botched abortions, expands abortion to all nine months of pregnancy, and allows babies who survive an abortion procedure to be killed.

After numerous bipartisan defeats does this radical abortion expansion really reflect the will of the people of NY?

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3 comments on “Does the Reproductive Health Act Reflect the Will of the People?”

  1. Martha Wallace Reply

    I absolutely disagree with the passing of the Reproductive Health Act that includes the Abortion Expansion Bill in the New York State legislature. I believe that life begins at conception and that the bill directly comes against the inalienable right to life that unborn children are entitled to in this state and this country of the United States of America.

  2. Shirley Dewey Reply

    If this legislation were to appear on the ballot in New York State, would it pass? Would Life minded people win for their Lord?

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