The Baby Was Still Alive!

Coralee discovered she was pregnant again. Shame overtook her. So she considered abortion and made an appointment with a local abortion clinic. Coralee felt rising anxiety as she walked into the clinic, still very conflicted by what she should do regarding her pregnancy. She was quickly escorted to a back room to consult with a nurse. After confirming her pregnancy, Coralee was handed a single white tablet. No options consultation or thoughtful discussion, just; “Here. Take this.”

Coralee held the benign-looking pill in the palm of her hand for what seemed like hours, hesitating because of the conflict she felt. She glanced up beseechingly for help to see the nurse glaring at her and motioning for her to swallow the pill. Reluctantly and tremulously, Coralee swallowed the pill. She looked down at the floor and sighed as the nurse explained, “There, now that’s done. You can’t go back on it so you’ll need to take these four pills in two days to finish the abortion off. It will bring on the contractions so you can expel the products of conception.” It sounded so simple, yet Coralee felt tormented.

Afterwards, Coralee went home and decided to tell her mom what happened. “That is murder,” her mother immediately blurted. Coralee burst into tears and ran to her room. She knew her mom was right but she didn’t feel she had any choice. Even though the abortion clinic nurse told her there was no way out of this, Coralee decided to go online and see if it was possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. She quickly connected with a CompassCare nurse who assured her that there was every reason to hope that her abortion could be reversed but it would require immediate action.  

An hour later, Coralee was sitting in one of CompassCare’s exam rooms. After getting a health assessment, her nurse performed an ultrasound and to everyone’s delight, a strong heartbeat was captured. The baby was still alive! After explaining the pregnancy sustaining progesterone therapy process, her nurse gave the first dose of progesterone.

Crying with relief, Coralee expressed her gratitude, her face alight with hope. Her nurse went on to talk about how deeply God loved her and shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with Coralee, which she eagerly embraced. Together, they bowed their heads and asked for God’s forgiveness and for His guidance in her life.

3 comments on “The Baby Was Still Alive!”

  1. Bob Sierk Reply

    I am honestly brought to tears over so many things in this article:
    1. That Coralee allowed her conscience to override her initial decision (thank you Lord!)
    2. That Compass Care was there with love and training to help reverse the deadly effects of part I of the procedure.
    3. That a nurse witnessed to Coralee with compassion and knowledge about her Savior that the Lord used it to bring Coralee to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    This is a beautiful story: one that shows how the Lord uses His children to help demonstrate His faithfulness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, power, and love. May the Lord grant Coralee a good pregnancy, a healthy baby, a home for the child and for Coralee filled with love, and if needed, a reconciliation between her and her mom.

  2. Sami V Reply

    Hearing about the babies who are saved is encouraging enough but what is even more meaningful is how these situations lead to the sharing of the gospel which is so often eagerly received. So hard in this day and culture to share with strangers, bless you all for doing God’s work!

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