“THAT is a human being…”

SupportCharity, a young mother of a one-year-old, came to CompassCare because she suspected she was pregnant. She knew if that was the case she was going to get an abortion. She told her nurse she felt scared, overwhelmed, and that she had no support. Charity learned, through the ultrasound scan that she was carrying a healthy 14-week-old baby. Charity was silent throughout the exam, but afterward the nurse asked Charity how she felt about what she saw on the screen. These were her words:

right“THAT is a human being. THAT is the reason abortion is wrong. And women are making the most selfish decision when they choose abortion because it’s only about what they want or feel they need to have. They’re not thinking about that little baby at all.”

The nurse, taken aback by this sudden outburst of truth, asked Charity if that meant she had changed her mind concerning the outcome of her pregnancy. She shamefacedly hung her head and responded, “Oh. Uh…well, no. No, I don’t really know what I’m going to do. It’s just so hard.”  Because of Charity’s response, her nurse submitted a request to CompassCare’s PrayerNet asking for prayer for Charity.

Charity failed to show up for her return appointment. When an abortion-minded patient does not show up for her follow-up appointment, it typically means that she chose to have an abortion. But what Charity did not know was that she had tested positive for an STD and needed treatment. The Lord used the Monroe County Health Department, who is required to follow up with anyone that tests positive for certain STDs, to help CompassCare get back in touch with Charity. They contacted her and strongly suggested that she return to CompassCare for treatment.

Charity subsequently made an appointment and came about a week later. She was treated for her STD and during the course of the appointment her nurse asked if anything had changed in terms of her pregnancy intention. Charity told the nurse that she had changed her mind and was now planning to carry to term. When asked why she had a change of heart, Charity simply proclaimed, “Because it’s the right thing to do, and I know it.”

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