Why is Christianity Key to CompassCare?

hands497 lives saved so far in 2016 vs 59 during the same time frame last year! This means that CompassCare is helping more abortion-minded women have their babies than ever before. The women CompassCare serves are from every background imaginable, all with various coercive circumstances careening them toward the lonely cliffs where decisions are made in hopelessness. And like a knot at the end of a lifeline, because of your support, women find CompassCare instead of despair.

What is it about CompassCare that makes the organization so effective? There is one thing. And it can be summed up in one of CompassCare’s key organizational assumptions: The manner in which services are provided is just as important, if not more so, than the services themselves.

You are no doubt asking yourself, “What is the ‘manner’ in which CompassCare provides its services that makes all sorts of abortion-minded women more likely to have their babies?” Simply, it is that we provide services as Christians. To be a Christian means that we believe every human being is equally valuable and must be treated with dignity and respect. To be a Christian means that we believe humans are made in the image of God and uniquely reflect that glorious image at every stage of maturity from conception through natural death, and beyond to the resurrection and life-everlasting. To be a Christian means we understand that humanity is fallen from grace into sin, and that we all have sinned.

Further it means that Jesus Christ came to restore us to the fullness of our purpose to reflect God in all His glory. To be a Christian means that now we are joined with Christ in His Messianic mission, laboring with Him to help restore other lost souls, which we all once were before we were born anew. To be a Christian means that we now trust all to the sovereign power of God, who orchestrates sin-stained circumstances in such a way as to lead others to union with Him through Jesus Christ, including circumstances like unplanned pregnancy.

So what makes CompassCare so effective? Christ-centered services. Christ died for us as an act of sacrificial love, and so we walk in that same love toward sinners, pointing all the while to the animating force driving the work, Jesus Christ Himself. CompassCare is not just a Pregnancy Resource Center; it is a uniquely Christian one. CompassCare does not simply provide medical care; it facilitates specifically Christian medical care. CompassCare is not just a platform to help women in difficult circumstances to have her baby; CompassCare is a springboard to singularly launch souls toward their Savior. What else could possibly be the purpose of pregnancy care, or medical care, or education, or any other human endeavor, if not to properly orient souls toward the love of God and a better love of their neighbor? This is the mission of a Christian and by extension, organizations of Christians like CompassCare in serving a world of people born into the sickness of sin.

This world’s intentional godlessness not only creates the circumstances for the tragedy of abortion and all other social ills, it has the arrogance to blindly insist that a denial of God equals objectivity. It further presumes to insist that Christians accept that notion when they are running a business, teaching, baking cakes, practicing medicine, and helping women have their babies. As Christians we understand that without the Father revealing our purpose to blind mankind there can be no shared  understanding of ‘the good,’ to say nothing of a proper ordering of which good is a better good and how we should treat each other when various ‘goods’ compete. Whose life is more important, the mother’s or the child’s, and who gets to say?

Why is CompassCare so effective? Why do women seriously considering abortion rate CompassCare’s services a 9.8 out of 10? Because they are treated with the dignity due a creature made just a little lower than God (Psalm 8:5). It is only as Christians we are equipped with the power of the Holy Spirit to serve the whole person from the core of one’s being out to the physical material surrounding it. We know what will help one along their journey to God and what will hurt. We know that loving God properly will cause one to love their fellow man better (including a preborn child). This means we can speak truth and act in ways consistent with the Truth, helping women along the way to a relationship with God, thereby truly erasing the need for abortion–one woman at a time.

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