“I’m keeping [my] baby. I’m not going to have an abortion.”

Cross-1CompassCare is dedicated to continuously pressing towards greater effectiveness by constantly looking for ways to improve service outcomes. The medical team is modifying a few approaches and scripts to account for changing patient demographic. The following story is an example of how these improvements work out in the practical interactions with patients and save lives.

Michelle, a mother of two, recently found that she was pregnant. This wasn’t a time of rejoicing for Michelle; rather she quickly went online to search for a way to get an abortion. [This is a new phenomenon that more women are seriously considering an abortion because they already have children. CompassCare is monitoring this closely to see if it is a real trend.] Michelle was drawn to the professionalism and friendliness of CompassCare‘s website and called the scheduling number. The scheduler clearly articulated to Michelle the value of CompassCare’s services and what she could expect at her initial appointment; that CompassCare does not provide or refer for abortions, the importance of receiving a confirmation of her pregnancy before making a decision, getting tested for possible STDs, and the abundance of supportive resources available. [CompassCare’s scheduling team is the best in the nation at helping women at-risk for abortion schedule an appointment with an over 85% schedule rate.] Michelle came to CompassCare later that day.

Michelle explained to her nurse that having a baby would not fit into her plans to start school next semester. [One of the most common reasons women get abortions is because it seems they have to choose between their life as they know it or the life of their baby.] Michelle felt conflicted about her decision but insisted that is was the only choice she had. Her nurse tried to help Michelle understand why she was feeling this internal tension, asking; “What is it that is making you feel conflicted?” [CompassCare’s presupposition is that no sane woman WANTS to have an abortion. The nursing team has developed questions to help women think through the reasons why they would NOT want to abort.] She replied, “I really don’t think I can handle another baby right now, but I also don’t really believe abortion [is right].” Gently her nurse probed, “Why not?” “Well – because it’s a baby…But I just don’t feel like I have a choice!” Michelle miserably answered. [A recent change to the nurse’s script was made to help women clarify the real tension for themselves. When they identify the tension on their own it clarifies the decision for them.]

Michelle agreed to an ultrasound exam and was surprised to discover that her 6-week-old baby had a beating heart already. “Wow! The heart is beating already!” When her nurse asked her how she felt about what she just saw and heard, Michelle’s reply was vigorous and assured, “I’m keeping [my] baby. I’m not going to have an abortion.” Michelle was so impacted by the humanity of her baby that she changed her mind within moments of seeing him. Her nurse went on to share the many community resources available to her during and after her pregnancy.

At the end of her appointment, Michelle listened intently as her nurse shared what it means to have peace with God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. [CompassCare has become more intentional about inviting each patient to commit her life to Christ during the Gospel presentation. After that CompassCare saw up to 20% of patients pray to receive Christ as their Savior in any given month.] Before her nurse could even invite her to pray, Michelle began weeping and said, “I want that. I need that.” She bowed her head and prayed for the Lord’s merciful salvation and for His help as she continues the pregnancy, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. As Michelle got up to leave, she turned to her nurse and said, “I needed to come here today… [CompassCare] has made all the difference!”

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