Does Abortion Hurt Me?

america-childrenAmerica has scar tissue on her soul. It seems calloused beyond all feeling. Congress continues to think that protecting the weak by use of the law is a matter for debate, even after the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal broke. The argument for abortion has mostly been that a woman can do with her own body as she ‘chooses.’ What a comfortable euphemism.

It is a familiar political tool to hide behind euphemisms in order to defend the indefensible. This has been done before, from referring to Jews as “rats” in Nazi Germany to calling Native Americans “savages” or Blacks “3/5 of a man” in the U.S. This political mechanism of euphemizing to mask injustice has now trickled down to the average American, allowing for the individual to discreetly side-step the truth about the humanity of the preborn, using phrases like “women’s health,” or “reproductive rights.” And all the while making one feel as though they have dealt with the issue head-on like a triumphant boy called to dinner after fending off the fiery backyard dragon with his plastic sword.

I fear the numbness may have crept into my own soul too. After fifteen years, the profound injustice of abortion can be drowned out by the mundane business of ministry statistics and message management. I am tired of my own matter-of-fact response to strong humans brutalizing weaker ones by the thousands every day in the name of “women’s health.” I am weary of the tired hacks droning the same old nonsense about “women’s equality” and “freedom of choice,” knowing all the while that these words are used as a sheet to cover the corpse’s grisly face of what civilized people plainly understand is baby killing. It’s uncomfortable, I know, to think that our fellow humans are being torn limb from limb … legally. And yet we must act if untold numbers of fellow humans are to see their first dawn.

While the horror of premeditated baby murder by some doctors and the collusion of government in that foul business has demonstrated the evil to which humans can stoop, they have also revealed the depth of injustice to which other humans can grow accustomed. Permitting this infanticide kills not only an innocent preborn boy or girl, it gnaws away at the humanity of everyone. Each time a holy human song is left unsung the whole chorus of human dignity wavers. Every time a fledgling human light is snuffed out, the blazing sun of inviolable human rights fades a little. When death becomes an accepted solution, it cannot ever be considered a victory for ingenuity or a triumph of compassion. Rather, it is a sad sign that an entire people no longer know what it means to be human.

I say all this for two reasons: 1) So that we resist speaking in abstractions. It is exactly the cover evil needs to expand its grip on us. Let us talk plainly to one another about the fact that innocent babies are being slaughtered because America no longer recognizes the value in each human life. 2) To recommit to protecting the equal value of each human for our soul’s sake and also for the sake of the future of mankind.

To right this wrong we must face two truths: Our time is short and each human is equally deserving of protection. So CompassCare is throwing more fuel on the fire of continuous improvement. We are committed to getting better faster, because every life matters. This means CompassCare is dedicated to reaching more women seriously considering abortion and helping more of them have their babies. And CompassCare needs your raw determination to do it. Now is the time to plug in and pump up the volume.

CompassCare needs more members on the Guerrilla Marketing Team, IT Team, the Prayer Team, Church Relations Team, social media volunteers, etc. If you want to deepen your involvement in other ways, plug in to an onsite CompassCare Vision Tour. Even if you cannot spare more time or money, everyone can talk more plainly about the abortion atrocity to their family, friends, and neighbors.

For “It is not just babies that are dying from the lethal sin of being unwanted… We are dying and not from the darkness, but from the cold, the coldness of self-brutalization that … deadens our conscience …” – Congressman Henry Hyde

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  1. Michele H. Egan-Sturtevant Reply

    I know how hard it is to raise a child these days. It takes money and a father and mother to do the job. It also takes a car at one’s disposal to get the child to medical appointments and on and on it goes until one day the child grows up to be a productive young woman or young man who can take care of themselves and other people and children and can share in the care taking of their own parents!

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