Abortion: Just Another Emotional Issue?

People sometimes get nasty when they feel powerless. Cuomo and Obama have certainly contributed to that feeling especially when considering the height of their political hypocrisy. When a lone gunman in Sandyhook, CT is reason enough to trample the Constitutional rights of the people (who are the government by way American political philosophy) while fraud, abuse, and serial murder in abortion businesses go ignored just and wise people get angry. Politicians capitalize on terror when it suits their political agenda such as gun control and Sandyhook. Yet when serial child and woman killing sprees are uncovered in recent abortionist cases like the Kermit Gosnell trial going on now in Pennsylvania and Leroy Carhart in Maryland they turn a blind eye. To the trained observer it appears as though these career politicians are not so much concerned about child killing as much as the manner the children are killed as noted in the videos below.

However, it should be noted that abortion cannot simply be qualified as an ‘issue.’ If life and death, protecting the vulnerable pre-born, and liberating the oppressed woman from exploitation by abortionists and their complicit political counterparts is only an issue we have forgotten the gospel. Education is an issue, global warming is an issue. Abortion undermines all civilization and exterminates the most vulnerable–if it is just an issue it should be the one issue the incorporates all others.

That said emotion is necessary as life includes all human experience. However when emotion is our only response for interpreting behavior and data then we may tempted to feel that everything including abortion is just another issue in a list of issues about which some happen to be more emotionally passionate than others. All emotion, positive or negative, absent thoughtfulness is bad. By itself negative emotion legitimizes hate while positive emotion lethargy. The gospel of Jesus has no room for either. Yet, when all the facts are weighed and the reality of abortion is brought to the full light of day moral outrage, righteous indignation is the only appropriate response.