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PA Pro-Lifer Exonerated—Hung Jury’s Further Deliberation Leads to Innocent Verdict

A hung jury was the result of a hearing in federal court of a pro-life Pennsylvania man on Friday, January 27 in the case United States of America v. Mark Houck. U.S. District Judge Gerard Pappert requested the jury take the weekend and then return Monday, January 30 at 9:30 A.M. to reconsider. After further

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Crazed Planned Parenthood Arsonist Arrested After 9 Days—Connected to Jane’s Revenge?

On January 24, Tyler W. Massengill was arrested for allegedly starting a fire at a Peoria, IL Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on January 15. The Department of Justice’s press release includes the criminal complaint, written by FBI Special Agent, Ronald Stout. According to fire officials, the fire caused approximately $150,000 of damage—though Planned Parenthood claims

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