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She came in … three hours after taking the abortion pill.

Mariana is a young mom with several children who just found out she was pregnant again. With each pregnancy she feels the disdain of her friends increase as the size of her family grows. This time, Mariana didn’t think she could put up with the shame of being pregnant again and so she made an

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Gillian took the abortion pill… then called CompassCare.

CompassCare has had remarkable success with the abortion pill reversal (APR) patients that come through the doors—100% have gone on to have healthy pregnancies. As the FDA increases the timeframe in which women can receive RU-486, the window opens further to serve women who start a medical abortion and want to reverse the effects. Gillian

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“I don’t think God would want me to have an abortion; my baby is alive.”

CompassCare’s exam rooms are on the frontline of the worldview war taking place in America. Almost every woman comes to CompassCare with the clear understanding that a baby is growing inside of them, often openly expressing this to their nurse. But their situation eclipses that knowledge in the darkness of believing their life will be

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