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“That is just what I need!”

Through prayer, mentoring, and ethical medical care, the Church and CompassCare faithfully served Lily, helping reorient her to a proper relationship with her Creator and her preborn baby. Lily’s first interaction with CompassCare came through a virtual intake appointment, an innovation developed in response to patients’ increased health concerns over COVID-19.  Lily then scheduled an

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Because of You, More Life-Saving Stories Like This Are Possible

Hudah is a young woman from a Muslim family who recently found out she is pregnant. Feeling overwhelmed and unsupported, she went to a local abortionist and took the first of two pills to induce an abortion. By the next day however, she regretted her decision, decided to not take the second pill, and desperately

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“[You] talk to me like I’m a real person…”

  Pam is in her late twenties and works three jobs to provide for herself and her 5-year-old. She has no support from her family. Pam’s first interaction with CompassCare was through a virtual intake appointment, which is a recent innovation designed to boost patient show rates by building rapport with the patients quicker. Pam

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