Saving Lives in the South Pacific

Luisa lives in a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. Several months ago, when she found out she was pregnant, like women CompassCare serves in the US, her circumstances made her feel stuck, trapped, and coerced—like she needed to get an abortion.

With limited resources and unsure of how to proceed, she contacted the only person she could think of who might be able to help—a friend named Debbie. 

Thinking abortion was her only option, Luisa asked Debbie to send her a chemical abortion. Debbie, being a pro-life Christian, said she would not send a chemical abortion to Luisa, knowing what she really needed was a change of heart—setting her eyes on Jesus the one true Savior—not an abortion. But Debbie did not have a way to get Luisa the medical care she needed.

On Sunday, Debbie heard a miraculously timed update at her church—CompassCare had just launched TeleCare and could serve women anywhere, anytime. 

Debbie quickly shared the information with Luisa and, within hours, Luisa was seen by a caring and compassionate TeleCare nurse from CompassCare. 

Sharing her situation and concerns, Luisa stated that she was going to have an abortion. Her nurse outlined the risks and side effects of abortion and even presented Luisa with a customized list of local resources to support her in having her baby. But Luisa’s mind was unmoved.

Six months went by with no word, leaving the TeleCare team to believe she had the abortion. 

Happily, just a few weeks ago, a nurse heard from Luisa. She had her baby and couldn’t be more grateful for the ethical and loving care she received through TeleCare!

Every day, women are served not just throughout NY, but across the nation, and around the globe through TeleCare. Luisa’s baby was saved through your pro-life convictions expressed through CompassCare.

Disclaimer: Names and details of the patient, RN, and supporters are changed to protect confidentiality.

Despite Many

Thank you for being part of the team that invested in saving over 2,500 women and babies from abortion through CompassCare’s network in 2023. Like the Apostle Paul, we too can say, “for a wide door for effective service has opened to me, and there are many adversaries” (1 Cor. 16:9). There are too many hard-won lifesaving achievements to list for 2023. But the following are three highlights. First, CompassCare met the goal of doubling the number of women served in just one year in the abortion hub cities of Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany! Read more.

You Are Forging a More Pro-Life Nation

Through CompassCare, you are helping women at risk for abortion see pro-life education via television, radio, and online; providing pregnancy centers across the nation with strategies and materials to help save more women and more babies; leading the charge in protecing pro-life pregnancy centers from violence and censorship; rebuilding and expanding facilities; and making it possible for women seriously considering abortion to reach a pro-life nurse in 24 seconds rather than 24 hours through Telecare. Learn more.

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