Pro-life Strategist Calls for Nomination of Non-Elected Speaker of the House to Combat Corruption

For Immediate Release: October 5, 2023

In an historically unprecedented move, the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.), was removed from his role. Rev. Jim Harden, the pro-life strategist who predicted Republican losses at the midterms for focusing on money and crime instead of morality, says that the corruption within the upper echelons of government are so pervasive that this unprecedented political event warrants another unprecedent political event. Rev. Harden states, “The appointment of a non-elected Speaker may be required to navigate the moral mess threatening to unravel America’s Constitutional rule of law. This may be the only path to restore American’s faith in federal government.”

“Maintaining the status quo is unacceptable for unprecedented times,” Harden says. “Like removing Neville Chamberlain as Prime Minister during World War 2, paving the way for Winston Churchill, removing Kevin McCarthy is the first step to finding a courageous, moral leader. War requires wartime leaders. The Speaker of the House will need to be a clear-eyed, courageous moral champion with a track record of being impervious to corruption while holding political representatives accountable to the rule of law, protecting all people equally, unwilling to sell out the vulnerable preborn boy and girl in exchange for power.”

Currently, the second in line of succession in the House is Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA.) who, in his bid for Speaker, seems to be proving Rev. Harden’s point. While pro-life, he is asking for the support of his colleagues on the basis of combatting crime and improving the economy. Crime and inflation represent symptoms of a morally sick culture and America needs somebody who understands that. People like McCarthy and Scalise have been listening to their Democrat-informed consultants for too long. Like bad medicine, they are attempting to cover the symptoms rather than address the root cause. Rev. Harden says, “What the new Speaker needs to understand is that America is not in a crisis of crime or economy, but a crisis of conscience—we no longer have a common understanding of what it means to be human under God.” As John Adams famously said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Rev. Harden insists, “The Speaker needs to be somebody who is outside of the current system, not influenced by corrupt politicians—maybe even a private citizen who has been targeted by the DOJ for protecting preborn boys and girls or a parent who has been labeled a domestic terrorist for trying to protect their own child from a hyper-sexualized and abusive public school environment.”

In a fierce battle with the DOJ, FBI, and other pro-abortion politicians such as NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, for the last 18 months, Rev. Harden has criticized the DOJ and FBI for their Antifa sympathies and refusal to enforce the law equally. He observed that Assistant U.S. Attorney General in charge of the Civil Rights Division, Kristen Clarke, is known for her BLM Antifa support, vehemently opposing pro-life pregnancy centers, the very ones being attacked by Antifa. Rep. Jim Jordan (R.-OH), another candidate for House Speaker, and the House Judiciary Committee is championing the investigation of the DOJ and FBI’s abdication of duty to enforce the law equally and failure to prosecute violent, pro-abortion, domestic extremism—such as the attacks on CompassCare. Rev. Harden said, “If I were advising the new Speaker, I would insist on a personhood amendment to every budget. A budget is a moral document which demonstrates what we as a nation value. If we can’t value protecting our future, how could we expect to know how to prioritize spending taxpayer money elsewhere?”

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