DeSantis Uncovers True Democrat Position Supporting Abortion Through Birth (RAN)

On August 7, in an interview with Dasha Burns, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed the left’s pro-abortion position of unfettered access to abortion up through all nine months of pregnancy saying that the left’s goal is to “override pro-life protections [for the preborn] throughout the country all the way up really until the moment of birth.” Oddly, Burns, the interviewer, appeared to shift from interviewing DeSantis to debating him saying, “There’s no indication of Democrats pushing for that….” DeSantis stood his ground by noting instances of total abortion deregulation referring to blue states like California. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki joined Burns in the denial. Could it be that pro-abortion Democrats are denying their record pushing for total abortion deregulation because it is very unpopular? A recent Gallup poll shows Americans oppose 98% of all abortions.

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