FDA Endangers Women’s Health Approving Over-the-Counter Aborticidal Contraceptive (RAN)

On July 11, the FDA approved Opill, for sale over-the-counter.

Peer-reviewed medical studies demonstrate that the once-a-day pill under consideration carries a “carcinogenic risk… at least comparable to the risk of [combined oral contraceptives].” The World Health Organization has listed oral contraceptives as Group 1 carcinogens along with plutonium, causing increased risk of breast cancer, cervical, and liver cancer. Additional risks include heart attack, stroke, and ovarian cancer. One study reveals that breast cancer incidences have increased 242% since 1970, coinciding with the widespread use of hormonal birth control. The drug can also cause abortion.

Side-stepping science, the FDA’s so-called expert advisory panel was stacked with abortion activists. The vote appears to be politically motivated, responding to the possibility that the U.S. 5th Circuit may overturn the FDA’s Clinton-era illegal fast-track approval of the dangerous chemical abortion drug, Mifepristone.

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