Attorney General Garland Ridiculously Commits Perjury (RAN)

At the March 1st Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Attorney General Merrick Garland may have committed perjury when responding to questions of the DOJ’s apparent double standard, failing to indict pro-abortion domestic terrorists targeting pro-life groups for FACE Act violations.

The DOJ’s own website and even Garland’s own report to the Judiciary Committee identifies the purpose of the 1994 FACE Act and DOJ activity is to focus on indictments for what they call “anti-abortion activities.”

To further underscore the point that the DOJ is not treating the rampant violence against pregnancy centers equally can be found again on their website where they list “Recent Cases of Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers.” The list does not include a single case of violence against a pro-life entity.

If the DOJ and FBI are applying a double standard, who will police them?

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