Buffalo Pro-abortion Violence Linked to Antifa (RAN)

No progress has been made on the continuing 9-month-long pro-abortion crimewave. Over 230 attacks of pro-life entities have occurred since the illegal leak of the Dobbs case overturning Roe, including the most brutal firebombing of CompassCare’s Buffalo pro-life medical office, injuring two firefighters. Private investigators working with CompassCare have found attacks are connected with the international anti-capitalist Antifa movement. Based on investigative work thus far, it is believed the FBI has inserted themselves to slow local investigations. It is further believed the FBI is choosing not to make arrests of scores of known criminals because of the pro-abortion extremist connections with Antifa. It is surmised that the reasons for FBI refusal to arrest pro-abortion Antifa terrorist could be due to 1) fear it would spark more violence or 2) Antifa sympathizers within the Department of Justice leadership obstructing justice.

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