Abortion Industry Placed on Notice for Illicit Chemical Abortion Drug Trafficking (RAN)

A string of open letters to the Commissioner of the FDA and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland at the Department of Justice were sent on January 13, 25, and 26. These letters placed the chemical abortion industry on notice for largescale, illicit chemical abortion drug trafficking. Nearly one quarter of all U.S. Senators signed the January 25 letter demanding Attorney General Garland perform his duty to enforce the law. Nearly half of all state Attorneys General signed the January 13 letter to the FDA committing to prosecute violations of the law. The letters claim crimes currently being committed are in direct violation of title 18 paragraphs 1461 and 1462. Transport of abortion drugs by mail or any other carrier is a federal crime, illegal in all states not just the ones that restrict or prohibit abortion.

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