Biden Administration Directs Homeland Security to Attack Pro-Life People—Protect Chemical Abortion (RAN)

On Sunday, January 22, the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion, President Joe Biden signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Attorney General and Department of Homeland Security to do two things: contravene state laws restricting chemical abortion and attack pro-life people. The memorandum promotes a false narrative that peaceful pro-life people are acting with violence while ignoring the left-wing war being waged against them. Of the 186 attacks on pro-life entities, no arrests have been made nor sanctions of any kind of the pro-abortion politicians fomenting the violence. Presidential memoranda carry the force of law regarding the actions of departments under the purview of the President. CEO of firebombed pro-life pregnancy center in Buffalo, Rev. Jim Harden says, “It is sad day in America when the justice system can be drafted to impose a political ideology.”

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