New York Times, Others, Refuse to Cover Pro-abortion Domestic Violence (RAN)

The New York Times has long been considered the gold standard in giving the facts of the day. But the Gray Lady ran an in-depth, one-sided hit piece attacking the pro-life service activity of a Texas-based group on June 23. On November 19 it ran a seven-page article attempting to discredit conservative Supreme Court Justice Alito as the leak of confidential Court rulings such as the case that overturned Roe. The authors did this using the sole testimony of pro-life Tokyo Rose, Rob Schenck, who was later discredited when questioned at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. Meanwhile, 78 plus Christian pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide are targeted for violent attacks by pro-abortion terrorists using vandalism, death threats, and fire bombings. How could the New York Times and others not view that as news? Could it be they approve?

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