Are Pro-Abortion Politicians Colluding with Big-Tech to Deny Women Choice? (RAN)

On August 23, Yelp published a notice explaining a new consumer warning placed on all pro-life pregnancy centers. After pressure from federal legislators and NY Attorney General Letitia James, Google followed suit. In addition, around September 2nd, Google deployed a two-pronged approach, removing pro-life pregnancy groups from Google maps while elevating abortion giant Planned Parenthood to the first result in all unplanned pregnancy-related organic search results. Google’s move brazenly gives millions of dollars in free advertising to Planned Parenthood’s abortion business while eliminating their only competitors, pro-life pregnancy centers.

Rev. Jim Harden, CEO of a network of medical pro-life pregnancy centers firebombed in Buffalo said, “Is it possible that pro-abortion politicians are colluding with big-tech to suppress the abortion industry’s only competition? Apparently, Google and pro-abortion extremists believe women should have no choice but abortion.”

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