Even After a Firebombing, CompassCare Never Stopped Serving Patients

On June 7th, CompassCare’s pro-life medical office in Buffalo was the victim of a brutal arson attack, perpetrated by the pro-abortion terrorist group known as Jane’s Revenge.

While CompassCare’s office burned, Janine was home with her two children fast asleep, unaware of the events that were transpiring. Early in the morning, Janine heard the shocking news. She immediately called Cyndi, CompassCare’s Resource Coordinator in Buffalo, who had become part of Janine’s support system in her time of need, helping her have her baby.  

Hours later, Janine, ministering to her friend Cyndi, was praying with her in the aftershock of the terror attack. When she learned more about Jane’s Revenge, she was baffled by the thought of anyone thinking of CompassCare as anything other than kind, compassionate, and generous.

Praying for CompassCare and even the attackers, Janine expressed her faith that God would use this terrible event for His good purposes and that patients would continue to be served. The very next day, Janine’s prayers and those of many others were answered. CompassCare never closed, relocating patient services the very next day to a secure, undisclosed location.

In Janine’s time of need, Cyndi was there to show her the love of Christ. After the firebombing, Janine returned the same love to Cyndi. Even in the face of violence, Janine is now committed to speaking and acting on behalf of the most vulnerable—because that’s what Christ did for her.

Now despite increased threats by pro-abortion terrorists and attacks by pro-abortion politicians, through nearly one hundred volunteers donating over one thousand hours of work, the Church enabled CompassCare to rebuild—in just 52 days!

Disclaimer: Janine’s name and likeness are used with her permission.

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