TeleCare: Competing Head-On With the Abortion Empire


CompassCare and global partners are collaborating to reach and serve every woman in America considering abortion by giving away the 21st-century telehealth tools to 650 medical pregnancy centers, equipping them to reach women before they buy chemical abortions online or travel to an abortion hub state like NY or CA to obtain an abortion.


In a post-Roe America, the abortion empire is pivoting its business model away from in-person surgical abortion to at-home chemical abortion often sent to her in the mail, which is 400% more dangerous.


To compete, pro-life pregnancy centers need to be able to cut the time it takes for a woman facing a crisis pregnancy to see a pro-life nurse from 24 hours to 24 seconds.




CompassCare has earned a national reputation for helping pregnancy centers increase their service capacity and overall performance in helping abortion-minded women have their babies.

2002 First medicalized Pro-life pregnancy center in NY.
2004 CompassCare began training pregnancy centers in NY and the nation to restructure and improve performance.
2005 Pioneered a now nationally accepted philosophy of ministry and service model in the pregnancy center movement.
2007 Created a training system to help other pregnancy centers nationwide serve more women more effectively.
2012 Open-sourced patient service systems. An estimated 650 pregnancy centers nationwide are using CompassCare’s language or service systems to some degree with several attempting to replicate the concepts on their own.
2015 Launched medical process management software, Optimize, to help pregnancy centers actively engage continuous improvement in services for women seriously considering abortion.
2018 The NYS Abortion Reduction plan was initiated as CompassCare adopted three pregnancy centers in the Buffalo region, the largest abortion-hub in the state outside of NYC.
2021 CompassCare’s adoption of a pregnancy center in NY’s Capital Region, state’s third largest abortion hub.
2022 When CompassCare’s Buffalo office was firebombed by Jane’s Revenge in June, CompassCare temporality relocated so as not to lose a single day of life-saving patient services. CompassCare managed a national PR strategy to protect pregnancy centers from further violence and censorship while developing and launching a national TeleCare initiative.


CompassCare is ideally situated to stay on the leading edge of service. New York is an aggressively pro-abortion state with the most permissive abortion laws and the highest abortion rates per capita than any other state in the Union. CompassCare has a track record of overseeing the abortion numbers cut in half while the abortion industry scrambles to stay afloat by diversifying services, reducing staff, consolidating administration, or simply going out of business.