Serving Rachel with 21st Century Telehealth Tools

The way women are accessing abortion is changing, with a new online abortion business opening every week selling lethal chemical abortion drugs for cash. Seeing this shift coming, CompassCare added a telehealth service platform to serve women before they purchase these lethal drugs and have the ability to help her reverse the effects, saving the baby, should she change her mind after taking the first dose.

Rachel lives in a state adjoining NY and contacted CompassCare asking for information on chemical abortion. She scheduled an online telehealth appointment with a nurse while she was on a work break. Rachel is a single mom of two children, working full-time and overwhelmed with the idea of being pregnant again.

When her nurse explained the gruesome process of a chemical abortion, Rachel began to cry, saying she had never imagined herself having an abortion and how she loves being a mom. Her nurse compassionately listened and counseled her to take time to process all she was learning and feeling.

Before making a final decision about the outcome of her pregnancy, Rachel needs to know 1) if she really is pregnant, 2) how far along is, and 3) if she has an STD. So, while her nurse served Rachel, another member of the CompassCare team was hard at work connecting with one of CompassCare’s pregnancy center partners in her state for the necessary in-person diagnostic care.

After agreeing to an appointment at her local pregnancy center to get answers to these three essential pieces questions, her nurse shared the Gospel with Rachel. Over a video call, in her break room at work, the Holy Spirit opened Rachel’s eyes to the beauty of what Jesus did for her on the cross. When invited into a relationship with Him, she said yes!

A couple of days later, Rachel met with her nurse again via telehealth, saying she had a wonderful experience and was treated really well at CompassCare’s partner pregnancy center. Rachel is dealing with severe fatigue and nausea and her nurse was able to send her an anti-nausea care package in the mail that same day.

Please pray that God will continue His good work in Rachel’s heart, protecting the new life within her.

Disclaimer: Names and details have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

Attacks Escalate. CompassCare Continues Helping Women Have Their Babies.

Just seventeen days prior to the reversal of Roe v Wade, CompassCare’s Buffalo medical office was firebombed by a pro-abortion terrorist group, Jane’s Revenge. Their motto is, “If abortion isn’t safe, then neither are you.” They demand we shut down, threatening something worse than arson if we do not. Apparently, they don’t know pro-life people very well. God is the author of life and this is His work. Times like these are exactly why God has given us faith in Him. And since we represent Christ, who is the only hope for women and the abortion industry’s only competition, shut down we will not. Expand we will.

Telecare: Serving Women in a Post-Roe America

Objective: Serve every woman in America considering abortion with a telehealth appointment before they buy a chemical abortion online or travel to places like NY to get an abortion. CompassCare is giving away the 21st century telehealth tools to 650 medical pregnancy centers, equipping each center to serve 1,500 women a year. This will give pro-life pregnancy centers the ability to compete head-on with the billion-dollar abortion industry by 2025. Learn more.

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