A Message From the Brignolas

God is paving the way for the Church in the Capital Region to help more abortion determined women have their babies than ever. And since the Capital Region is the third largest abortion hub outside of New York City this announcement is all the more exciting!

God has opened the door for the mission of Alight to be adopted by a fantastic organization called CompassCare. They currently have offices in the Rochester and Buffalo regions. CompassCare is has been instrumental in cutting abortion in half in those regions. We want to see God accomplish those same results in our community.

So, after much exploration, prayer, and a unanimous decision by the board, Alight’s mission is being adopted by CompassCare with the goal of reducing Capital Region abortions by 50% in 5 years.

After 20 years of service, we are really excited about building on the solid foundation of all Alight’s supporters. It’s because of you that hundreds of preborn boys and girls are alive today. It is our hope that the Church working through Alight, and now CompassCare, can bring our dream of a more pro-life, pro-family community to the next level.

This partnership is critical to cut abortions in half. With CompassCare we can develop the staff and infrastructure with the capacity to serve a full 25% of all women seriously considering abortion in the Capital Region by April 2022. Staff are being hired and we are actively seeking a facility large enough to handle the increased abortion-determined patient load.

Below this note is a message of introduction from the President/CEO of CompassCare, Rev. James Harden.

It is an honor partnering with CompassCare and it is our sincere hope that you will deepen your commitment to this life-saving endeavor. Thank you for your dedication to serving women and saving lives. Alight’s mission to bring light and hope into the lives of individuals and families is taking the next big step. It is because of people like you that the goal of cutting abortion by 50% in the Capital Region is even possible.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Dominick and Ellen Brignola

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