Abortion Biz CEO Owns Up to Racist History

On April 17 the New York Times published an article by Planned Parenthood Federation’s CEO, Alexis McGill Johnson. Johnson said it was finally time for Planned Parenthood to stop hiding the eugenic and deeply racist principles promoted by their founder, Margaret Sanger, which have been perpetuated by generations of Planned Parenthood leadership. The largest abortion business in the nation has long been accused of targeting minorities for abortion. Even their minority staff recently confirmed the racist behavior of the organization’s management.

CEO Johnson now says, “We pledge to fight the many types of dehumanization we are seeing right now….” Given the organization’s refusal to see abortion as dehumanizing to women and their preborn sons and daughters, is Johnson truly coming clean out of a sense of enlightenment or because it is politically expedient to hide the groups true beliefs?

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