Rochester Based Pro-life Group Announces Expansion Plans to NYC

On April 30th the Rochester based pro-life organization CompassCare announced plans to expand services into New York City. CompassCare serves women considering abortion with ethical medical care and comprehensive community support, giving them the confidence to say ‘no’ to abortion and have their babies.  After CompassCare developed the capacity to serve 30% of all women seeking abortion in Rochester, abortions plummeted by over 50%. The group then expanded into the Buffalo region in 2018 to replicate those results. Now 1 out of every 3 women seriously considering abortion in Buffalo is contacting the organization.

Setting their sights on New York City CEO, Jim Harden, notes, “There are more abortions per capita in NY than anywhere else in the U.S. If New York is the abortion capital of the U.S. then NYC is the heart and where we need to be.”

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