Pregnancies Drop as Abortion Rises

While the number of U.S. births fall, abortions rise. Is there a connection? A recent report from the CDC shows births decreased by 1% in 2019. This represents the fifth straight year of decline. The Total Fertility Rate, the average number of births per woman of childbearing age, is down 1% too. The current fertility rate is at 1.7 and has consistently fallen since 2007. In order for the next generation to replace the previous one, the fertility rate needs to be at 2.1 or higher.

Meanwhile, CDC surveillance also confirms increases of abortion in a majority of states in 2018. HHS statistics show increases by as much as 5% in states like Texas in 2019. New York is beginning to see similar trends in its recent vital statistics.

What happens to a society that refuses to bear children? 

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