“That’s what I NEED!”

Alana and her boyfriend, Chad, have been together for several years and have been through some traumatic times. With a young child entering kindergarten and feeling a bit more stable, they began making plans for the future: education, a home, maybe marriage.

Then Alana discovers she is pregnant. Her last pregnancy was so tough that waves of anxiety washed over her while staring at her positive home pregnancy test. Chad, equally upset, wanted to fix it right away and quickly searched for an abortionist who could get them in quickly.

Chad called CompassCare and spoke with Jennie, one of the scheduling team members. Jennie made it clear that CompassCare does not provide or refer for abortion and then made sure he understood the value and importance of the services they would receive. Because CompassCare was able to get them in right away, Chad eagerly scheduled an appointment.

In the exam room, Alana confessed to her nurse that she doesn’t really want an abortion but feels pressed up against a wall of circumstances and sees abortion as her only option. She agreed to an ultrasound.

The image of their 8½-week-old baby was easy to find and they even saw the baby move a little bit. Chad gasped and Alana quietly wept as they faced the reality of their living, growing, preborn child on the screen. Chad leaned over and whispered to Alana, “This is going to be harder than I thought. But honestly…if you’re having second thoughts [about the abortion], we can figure this out.”

Later, Alana told her nurse that she doesn’t want an abortion at all now, but isn’t really sure how to move forward. Her nurse took that opportunity to share about God’s love and His offer of forgiveness and salvation if we surrender our lives to Him. Alana hung on every word and exclaimed, “That’s what I NEED!”  Together, they bowed their heads to pray. Chad and Alana said they would take a bit more time to think through their decision and made an appointment for the following week. When they returned to CompassCare, they firmly stated their decision to continue the pregnancy and parent their child together.

Does the Bible Say Abortion is Wrong?

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