No Sane Woman Wants an Abortion?

No sane woman wants to have an abortion. She feels stuck, trapped, like she needs to have an abortion. Her circumstances, culture, and relationships coerce her to make a decision she would not otherwise make. The mission of CompassCare is an expression of the Church’s desire to erase the need for abortion in her mind, dignifying her with the ethical medical care and comprehensive support she needs in order to make the most difficult choice and have the baby. She understands, and so do we, that having her baby is difficult. But, if after a 75-minute appointment she can at least say, “I see now that I can do this,” then her choice is truly free.

Believers perceive that our toxic cultural soil causes the thorns of abortion to thrive.  And abortion is used as if it were a shelter and solution instead of a curse upon a woman, her child, the integrity of the healing profession, and society at large. This brutal plant is an offshoot from the root of the modern West’s rejection of God, robbing society of the rich soil of true purpose. The fruit of this tree’s cruel flower is dehumanization and death. The unraveling of society in its tragic symptoms – lonely people grasping for meaning in physical pleasure in the opioid epidemic, sex trafficking, plummeting marriage rates, reduced fertility rates, suicide, abortion, etc. – could cause us to despair. But believers in Christ are called to hope. We have been chosen to proclaim that it does not have to be this way. We know there can be a different world, a world of deep meaning, one where a woman does not have to fear having her own child.

The prophet Jeremiah was chosen by the sovereign hand of God to live and work in a society shattered under the weight of their own sin, “…because they have filled this place with the blood of the innocent” (Jer. 19: 4b). This call of God upon him was like a bright coin dropped into the well of Jeremiah’s soul; undeniable, intractable, a constant goad to press on all the long years of his life, alone when necessary. Hard callings, like Jeremiah’s, require a fighting spirit, God’s Holy Spirit. And this same Holy Spirit that fired his passion day in and day out for years on end with nothing to show for it is the same Holy Spirit residing in each believer.

Christians in New York feel a weight similar to that which Jeremiah carried. We too live in an upside-down culture that renames motherhood as oppression and abortion as freedom. We live in a state that celebrates the abandonment of women in pink lights on a cold concrete structure in a vain attempt to illuminate this moral Dark Age. Nevertheless, God’s call on our lives is a prophetic one, to both speak and act against the systemic oppression of the weakest and most vulnerable of society. To that end, God’s promise to Jeremiah applies to us: “’They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,’ declares the LORD” (Jer. 1:19).

After all, speaking and acting on behalf of those that cannot do so for themselves is what Jesus did for us on the cross. Now Jesus calls us to join Him on the windswept hill of self-sacrifice as a beacon, reaching and welcoming women through places like CompassCare. Erasing the need for abortion one woman at a time, one baby, at a time through ethical medical care and ongoing support, is how the Church in NY is dramatically cutting the abortion rate. The Church is stepping out into the Darwinian storm of only-the-strong-survive to rescue women and save babies shivering under the shrinking and threadbare blanket of autonomy.

And it is working. Since 2008, Rochester abortions have been cut in half. So far this year, CompassCare has seen 20% more babies saved than last year and a 2X increase in women submitting their lives to Christ. In Buffalo, just since April, there is already a 42% increase in lives saved over the previous year. By the end of November, it is expected that CompassCare in Buffalo will be in a new facility with a fully trained nursing team large enough to serve 25% of all the women in that region seriously considering abortion. Buffalo is on track to cutting abortions by 50% in five years.

But even if the clay jar of this civilization shatters (Jer. 19:10), you and I will pick up a shard in solidarity with the Spirit of Jeremiah and keep on believing, speaking, and acting on the truth that all humans are made in God’s image and therefore are equally valuable.

P.S. Learn more about how CompassCare can help you can express your pro-life convictions through a Vision Tour.

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