Why Are Christians Pro-life?

What is the anchoring belief of pro-lifers? All pro-life conviction is rooted in the eternal truth that humans are made in the image of God, reflecting God’s image equally. Therefore each person is equally valuable, without qualification, from the womb to the tomb.

Equal human value is precisely Jesus’ point in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus is answering the lawyer’s question, “Who is my neighbor?” Interestingly, in 1973, lawyers on the U.S. Supreme Court asked an eerily similar question when deliberating on whether an unborn child qualifies as a person.

Christians understand that people don’t get to choose who qualifies as their neighbor, as a person. So when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v Wade “The word person does not apply to the unborn,” on behalf of humanity everywhere, for all time, a Christian stands up and says, no.

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