People of Rochester Respond to RHA on May 4

Recently NY declared abortion a fundamental human right, applauding even late term abortion. Because of these legislative actions NY’s largest annual pro-life event, CompassCare’s Walk for Life on May 4, is expected to be even larger.

Churches, businesses, and thousands of sponsors and walkers, raise awareness that a woman seeks abortion because she feels like she has no choice, that abortion serves only to punctuate her loneliness, and that abortion is a symptom of society’s barbaric abandonment of women.  

Through CompassCare’s Walk for Life the community invests in the care and support crucial to free a woman to have her baby who would otherwise feel trapped into thinking abortion is her only option.

Jim Harden President of CompassCare says, “It doesn’t matter what the laws are. True choice only exists when a woman is free to say no to abortion.”

To Walk for Life go to Real abortion news is sponsored by CompassCare.

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