Pro-life Employers Attacked By NY Legislation

On January 22, 2019, under the cover of the now infamous Reproductive Health Act, New York’s legislature passed SB 660, otherwise known as the “Boss Bill.” It now awaits Governor Cuomo’s signature.

The bill makes it illegal for pro-life organizations to employ staff who both maintain pro-life convictions and live consistently with the mission and beliefs of those organizations.

The new law violates religious and pro-life employers’ 1) freedom of association, by forcing them to hire and employ staff with beliefs antithetical to their mission, 2) freedom of religion, by forcing them to deny their belief that preborn children are fully human and created in the image of God, and 3) freedom of speech, by forcing these organizations to normalize and promote abortion in their employee handbooks. 

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1 comment on “Pro-life Employers Attacked By NY Legislation”

  1. Patricia Tirk arena Reply

    What Gov Cuomo is doing in New York State regarding pushing abortion to the limit and totally disregarding the life of the human unborn baby is appalling. I wonder Governor Cuomo if you used the word “murder” instead of “abortion” could you actually tell mothers that it is ok to have their unborn baby murdered today. Because that is what happens. You cannot be so naive as to think the word “abortion” makes the mother feel better or that she will not some day so regret listening to the pro death rantings that it is her right to have her human unborn baby who is totally a separate body growing inside of her to come out nine months later and still that separate body from the mother’s that it is her “right” to have her baby murdered anytime during her pregnancy. When we do something wrong in life, our conscience lets us know. We do have a choice between good and evil, right and wrong. There is no peace to anyone who chooses evil and abortion is murderous evil of an innocent human baby in a most terrible painful procedure!!! Mothers please do not listen to the people who tell you it is your right to choose abortion. Your baby will be murdered!!! Instead choose life for your dear baby and you both will be in peace. If you cannot care for your baby there are so many parents looking to adopt and give your baby a good home. You will never regret choosing life for your baby and God will bless you and give you the strength you need through your life, the life your mother gave to you!!!

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