Abortion Now a Human Right in NY – Sets Stage to Attack Pro-Life Christians

The first abortion clinic closes in Rochester! Hopefully more to come. The long-standing Freedom of Choice office closed at the end of 2018 and demand for CompassCare’s services is up 34% over the previous January. At the time of this writing, CompassCare has reached 96% of the market.

Meanwhile, New York State seeks to raise abortion to a fundamental right in the Reproductive Health Act (RHA). Why? Fear of losing their grasp on a future godless utopia. They scramble and claw at the bowl like starving wild dogs, seeking only to empower themselves by taking from others. To do this requires garnering the support of the people who have vestiges of Christian morality. So they use linguistic sleight-of-hand borrowing Christian moral terms bolstered with unsupported sanctimony. This is how the legislature can insist on the logical fallacy that “equality” includes abortion. Like a drowning man pulling a fellow swimmer under to save himself, so the NY legislature insists it should be public policy that every “individual possesses the fundamental right…to obtain an abortion.” Liberty now includes a license to kill.

The term “fundamental right” traditionally has been reserved for those realities that are inherently necessary to being human such as life, speech, belief, religion, private property, self-preservation, etc. Now the NY legislature insists that destroying the next generation before he is born is an integral part of being human. To be human is to abort your baby? Aside from the rather obvious and embarrassing fact that certain categories of individuals, like males, cannot exercise this new right, what is at the root of this legislation? This bill forces a clash between two different definitions of a right, natural or fabricated. Whichever kind of right is ruled greater sets the philosophy of future government. To accept a right as created and conferred by government, even if it bestows unique benefits upon you, demeans and dehumanizes not only you but disfigures the face of freedom for all, making government king and demoting the citizen to subject.

The NY legislature insists that a woman’s right to abortion is greater than a baby’s God-given right to life. Additionally, the RHA raises a woman’s right to abortion above a pregnancy center’s right to freedom of speech, to communicate to her the dangers of abortion for her, her baby, and society. Further, the RHA elevates a woman’s right to abortion higher than a doctor’s inherent freedom of religion, to practice medicine according to his Christian principles: that all human life is equally valuable and deserving of protection, without qualification.

If the people permit government to determine who qualifies for rights and which rights are more important than other rights, then freedom is just another word in the cemetery of ideas. If unfought in the courts, in the clinical room, and by the Church, then the noble depths of true freedom are drained, becoming a muddy puddle of arbitrary appetites. This kind of fabricated freedom teaches the people to view any fleeting appetite as a right, thereby casting off restraint, unwittingly chumming the waters of society, baiting the people like amoral sharks to fill their stomachs with conflicting desires – each insisting government force their personal fiction upon the masses. Flying to the rescue, government feverishly legislates to maintain some semblance of order, vesting itself with ever more power, bill by bill, act by act, implicitly insisting their version of reality is morally right, even though the words “moral” and “right” have lost all meaning. But it is precisely this scenario that gives oppressive officials the opportunity to remake society into their precious, yet murky, godless utopia.

“For this is a rebellious people…who say…to the prophets, ‘You must not prophesy to us what is right, speak to us pleasant words, prophesy illusions” (Isaiah 30:9-10). Exactly what are the people in Isaiah’s day doing that makes them so rebellious? Like NY government and the RHA, they too exchange justice to trust in oppression and guile (Is 30:12). And so the Psalmist reveals the nature of political systems like NY’s saying, “Men of low degree are only vanity and men of rank are a lie; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than breath” (Psalm 62:9). Joining Isaiah’s warning the Psalmist says, “Do not trust in oppression, and do not vainly hope in robbery…power belongs to God” (Ps. 62:10, 11).

Oppressing the preborn by robbing them of their right to life will result in utopia for no one. For God will “recompense a man according to his work” (Psalm 62:12b).

2 comments on “Abortion Now a Human Right in NY – Sets Stage to Attack Pro-Life Christians”

  1. Fritz Longabaugh Reply

    Thank you for sharing the convictions expressed here. Outrage is appropriate.

  2. Priscilla Cr ok mer Reply

    I wish I had a platform, a place in which to publicly express these views first to the church but to the public at large. How can I invite an audience and
    find a venue from which to speak and educate people of the RAMIFICATIONS of this legislation? It defies all human rational morality and obligates Christians to take a visible stand against it. I am ready.

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