New York Gives Free Advertising for Abortion Business?


On August 7, Gov. Cuomo launched a ‘Public Awareness Campaign on Reproductive Health Care Resources.’ The drive includes direct advertising and a website dedicated in large part to promoting the services of private abortionists. According to the press release this drive is necessary because of alleged reports of misleading Crisis Pregnancy Centers offering free services. The release states: “These centers’ actions may interfere with New Yorkers’ constitutionally protected rights to seek reproductive health care and may endanger them by preventing them from receiving medically accurate information.”

Questions abound…

  • Shouldn’t abortionists pay for their own advertising rather than the tax payer?  
  • Ads defaming a competitor’s reputation are illegal. If Crisis Pregnancy Centers are as dangerous as the governor alleges why hasn’t a single CPC been convicted of…anything…ever, including misinformation? Can the same be said for abortionists?

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