Is Reproductive Rights a Smokescreen for Political Power?


In the recent weeks NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has rolled out a re-election campaign message that claims women will lose their ‘reproductive rights’ if Trump has his way with the Supreme Court overturning the abortion case Roe v. Wade. But constitutionally, if Roe is overturned all that would happen is that abortion would default back to state law. And since New York State legalized abortion three years before Roe how would its reversal impact New York?

Cuomo’s insistence that women’s reproductive rights are in jeopardy is patently false. Why then is he using this language to promote abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, way beyond the comfort limits of the vast majority of Americans?

Is Cuomo using abortion to manipulate more votes for re-election? Or could he be ignorant of how the U.S. Constitution works?

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1 comment on “Is Reproductive Rights a Smokescreen for Political Power?”

  1. Catherine Reply

    Dear Holy GOD….Only YOU can intervene to change the hearts/opinions of those who be- lieve that babies can legally be killed up to 9 months gestation!! What will be next, the legalization of killing babies/ toddlers that are not wanted or cannot be cared for anymore?

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