Abortion Expansion and the NYS Budget


What does abortion expansion have to do with the New York State budget? Many legislators are asking that question.

Governor Cuomo knows that a stand-alone abortion expansion bill is very unpopular in a State with the most permissive abortion laws in the world next to North Korea. So in 2013, Governor Cuomo attempted abortion expansion under the cover of a larger ten point Women’s Equality Bill. That did not work. Now in 2018 he is attempting the same thing but is trying to smuggle it through the shadows of the budgetary process.

Abortion expansion legislation for which Cuomo is fighting would essentially raise abortion to the level of a fundamental human right. If passed, refusing to participate in it, or worse advocate against it, would be construed as a punishable civil rights violation.

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  1. Colleen Kelly Spellecy Reply

    I am praying and presuming Cuomo’s abortion expansion did not make it into the nys budget. Many people are wondering as there was no news of it. Could you put the answer on your website?

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