Gov. Cuomo Seeks to Mandate Free Abortion


Why does Governor Cuomo’s bloated 168.2 Billion dollar budget proposal include seemingly unrelated pet projects?

One such peripheral mandates all health insurance plans cover abortion and abortion-causing birth control. Supporting budgetary documentation stresses, “…the Governor has taken action…to cover contraceptive drugs and devices and…abortion services without co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.”

The documentation demonstrates his almost worshipful devotion to abortion stating: “[he] will also continue to champion a constitutional amendment to codify these protections into the State constitution.” How could an elective medical procedure for women ever be construed as a general human right protected by the constitution?

More to the point, how is mandating that all  New Yorkers pay for abortion with their private insurance premiums a budgetary issue? Can the State no longer afford to foot the bill for 49% of all NY’s abortions via Medicaid?

This real abortion news update is sponsored by CompassCare. 

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