“Jesus knows what I can and cannot handle…”

The following story illustrates the deadly effects of relying on head knowledge without heart knowledge. When human reason is paramount, one can justify any evil.

Sarah grew up in a loving home, learning about God’s love and going to a large Bible believing church. As she neared the end of her teen years, Sarah began to wander from her faith. After an unplanned pregnancy she chose to abort her baby. Soon after, she returned to the church of her childhood and discovered that she longed to remain connected to the traditions of her faith. She went on to get pregnant again but this time chose to keep that child, even though it meant she would raise him by herself. Sarah continues to faithfully attend her church and told her nurse she is trying to deepen her faith in Christ.

Recently, Sarah discovered she was pregnant yet again and came to CompassCare to find out if she could obtain an abortion. Sarah quite matter-of-factly and with a smile, informed her nurse that she believes abortion would be the best decision all around. Sarah went on to explain that she wasn’t sure who the father of the baby was and that regardless, she didn’t want to be connected to any of the men who might be the father.  Sarah feels her life is just the way it should be and doesn’t believe it would be a good time for her to have another child.

Sarah was quick to acknowledge that her pregnancy meant she carried a life inside, but that reality did not seem to affect her opinion of abortion as an option for her. Unable to break through to her, Sarah’s nurse asked a question she normally would not have: “Sarah, I believe we’ve made a good connection here and so I’m going to step out on a limb and trust that you understand the heart behind my question.” Sarah smiled and nodded in agreement. “Sarah, I am aware of what your church believes about abortion, that it is unacceptable to God – that it is sin. How do you reconcile your consideration of abortion with this view?”

Sarah smiled and quickly responded. “Thank you so much for asking! Well…I believe that Jesus knows what I can and cannot handle. He knows that this isn’t something I can do right now, so I know He is alright with my decision because He loves me. I know He forgives me and that someday, I’ll enjoy my children altogether in heaven but for now, it won’t work for me to have this one.”

After a bit more discussion, Sarah’s nurse suggested she take a week before making a final decision. Sarah agreed and scheduled a return appointment. But unfortunately, Sarah chose to get an abortion the very next day.

We share this sad story to show the far-reaching consequences of a life ruled, not by revelation from God, but by individual reason. And to galvanize us in our efforts to submit our whole lives to the Lordship of Christ, and help others to do the same.

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