Selling Baby Body Parts


This August marks the two year anniversary of the first undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood and others in the illegal trafficking of baby body parts. That and subsequent videos sparked a flurry of state level investigations and legislation to stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to those organizations.

In the fallout, the investigative journalists were sued in Texas. After two years of court battles, the charges were dropped. And now the journalists and their attorneys are being held in contempt of court by a California federal court judge who volunteers for Planned Parenthood.

Scandalously, Planned Parenthood still receives over $500 million in federal tax dollars annually. While the Senate Judiciary Committee has twice referred Planned Parenthood and other organizations to the Department of Justice and FBI for the illegal trafficking in baby body parts, the Committee has yet to receive a response.

In the face of this potentially staggering systemic injustice, should an investigation be prioritized by the federal justice system?

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