Imagine an Abortion-Free Rochester

Abortion is down 42% in Monroe County! We have reason to celebrate. But you and I don’t just want fewer abortions, we want ZERO abortions in our community. Abortion is down because of the perseverance of the people of God to take up the cause of the most vulnerable among us. The people of God are always the ones to walk where others won’t go, to speak for the voiceless, to act on behalf of the powerless, to stand up for those whose standing has been stolen. The most oppressed in our community are those people who are most vulnerable. The most vulnerable are those who have been systematically rejected in law and by popular culture. Find that group of people and you will find the Christian advocating for them. In the Old Testament that group was the orphans and the widows. Today, that group is preborn boys and girls. There is no one more widowed in our society than a woman who is abandoned to the point of thinking that she must abort her child to survive. There is no one more orphaned in our community than a preborn baby who has neither a father or mother advocating for them. And we have a little more work to do. 


Abortion is at the lowest level in Monroe County since it first became legal, because of the faithful, unrelenting, and uncompromising commitment of the Church to walk out their salvation. The greatest injustice the world has ever seen is happening now in the form of global and national infanticide. The Church today has been tasked with moving this mountain. Let us together marshal our faith at the 2017 Walk for Life. Together in the power of God let us re-determine to accomplish this monumental task and erase the need for abortion one woman, one baby at a time! Remember, we don’t want just fewer abortions, we want ZERO abortions.

What can you do radically redeem our community from abortion?
1) Register: as a pledge-raising Walker and ask people to sponsor you as you walk.
2) Raise: Awareness and funds by sponsoring a Walker from your church and/or sharing the event on social media.
3) Request: Ask your friends and family to join you and hundreds of like-minded Christians this Saturday, May 6 at the Highland Bowl from 9 AM to 12 PM.

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